Syncom Telecom UK provides large telecom operators creative and cost-effective network architecture solutions, helping them transition into more advanced and efficient networks. We work closely with large carriers to analyse their existing networks, their needs, their available resources and their network utilisation trends in order to provide comprehensive solutions that benefit our clients and their users.

Network Restructuring

Service providers and international carriers are constantly looking at ways of reducing costs within their operations. This can be achieved by consolidating assets, sites and infrastructure to simplify the network.

Encompassing some of our other service offerings such as Network and Inventory Audit and De-commissioning and Removals, Syncom provides a turnkey service for Network Restructuring, acting on behalf of the client, interfacing directly with the client’s internal teams, external vendors and other service providers as well as with the client’s customers. As well as developing and managing the overall project plan, activities carried out by this specialised team include:

Identifying all customer traffic running through and terminating at the site together with all customers co-located at the site. This is achieved by carrying out logical, physical and traffic audits on all equipment, services and cabling.

Identifying new locations to re-route/re-home traffic to, including capacity checks.

Producing high level and low level designs identifying any new equipment, fibre and cabling requirements.

Producing the migration plan, considering all lead times for customer notification, outside plant build, new equipment deployment. Engaging with local field teams and external vendors as required.

Managing and carry out the migration activities.

De-commissioning, de-installing and clearing site prior to handover back to the main client.

Network and Inventory Audit
By analyzing customer network elements and providing accurate information, Syncom Telecom UK helps service providers deliver higher quality service and reduce service downtime.

Its network & inventory audit team documents all of the network elements within a customer’s site, including hardware configuration, hardware revisions and facility interconnections to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date network information for faster and less expensive moves, adds and changes.

• Provides a customer driven solution designed to accurately document network capacity, network configuration & asset inventory

• A proven, four-step process approach consists of:

- project design

- audit & data collection

- deliverables

- change management process

• A low cost, high value service, which allows service providers to be more profitable.

In addition to our Commissioning and Integration Services, we have previously provided specialised teams of engineers who design, plan, route and provision circuits over customer’s networks using various provisioning tools and databases, together with OEM network management platforms.
De-commissioning and Removals
Service providers are evaluating equipment and facilities more intensely than ever to achieve optimal efficiency in their networks. Space and equipment are no longer commodities.

Closer scrutiny often reveals that the evolution to new technologies requires the removal of obsolete legacy equipment or re-use in another location.

• Power down of equipment

• Removal of circuit packs

• Safe removal of equipment while maintaining integrity of service

- Switch, power plant & battery removals

- Unused equipment retired in place

• Proper handling of equipment for reuse in another location or disposal

• Re-cabling or cable removal to reduce hazards caused by excess/poor quality cabling

• Office drawings & records updated

• Valuable facility space restored

Data Centre Design
Syncom has several years experience in the design and construction of data centres and co-location facilities. Acting as primary contractor and providing a single point of contact this includes full project management, selection of suppliers and provision of air-handling, fire suppression, generator, power switching, UPS, lighting and computer flooring.

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