Syncom Telecom UK restructuring the network for a major International Carrier

caseIn 2013 Syncom Telecom UK was asked to look at assisting a major International Carrier restructure a significant part of its network.

Over a period of 10 years the customer had acquired several competitors and had amalgamated the customer base into its own. This customer base included co-lo customers and other significant carrier networks across Europe and US.

The European division embarked on a major cost reduction plan in 2013 with the objective of starting in early 2014 and completing in 2016. This was to include reduction in site numbers, amalgamation of equipment, co-lo racking and migration of Fibre, DWDM, SDH and IP services and associated network infrastructure.
Given the tight timescales involved and complexities of the network, Syncom Telecom UK was asked to assist with this work as a major project encompassing several phases over the overall project timeline.

In late 2013 and early 2014 Syncom Telecom UK commenced mobilisation of a specialised team to initiate the project and start the discovery phases.

The initial phase undertaken involved integration into our Customer’s business including familiarisation with systems, teams and decision makers. This was followed by a network discovery period where a detailed audit was undertaken, including physical and logical network layers, inventory systems, billing and access/carrier vendors.

The output from the audit was utilised to produce network designs (physical and logical), Bill of Materials, implementation methodologies and migration plans.

Syncom Telecom UK was responsible for the end-to-end deliverables including project management, design, planning, implementation, migration and decommissioning whilst continually managing the end customer expectations and communications.

Great care was taken during the course of the project to work closely with the various customer teams, including sales, networks and operations. Regular updates and reports were provided keeping them informed of progress and issues.

Our customer has asked that the project team be expanded to enable more actions in this area.

Following the success of the early phases of this project, Syncom Telecom UK has been asked to look at networks for other carriers with similar requirements. This is an expanding requirement as most of the large carriers have a need to constantly reduce costs to compete with the new entrants and changing technology.

Syncom Telecom UK can integrate project teams into carrier environments, working with the existing teams and reducing disruption to a minimum while delivering significant cost reductions.

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