Data Centre/Co-location Case Study

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe client acquired a 10-year old Telecommunications facility in central London. Prior to acquisition, and as part of the due diligence process, Syncom Telecom UK were engaged to perform a full audit on the facility. The outputs from the audit were to be focused primarily on the current capabilities of the facility and how to effectively transform it into a class-leading, fully operational co-location centre.

A small design team was put together and a full technical review conducted. The conclusion and initial observations was that the existing plant and layout of the facility was completely outdated and not fit for future use. Most of the plant was at ‘end-of-life’ and exhibiting permanent as well as intermittent operational failures. Syncom Telecom UK thus tabled a proposal with recommendations regarding the building of a new facility which also included modernising the existing offices, reception and kitchen areas.

Syncom Telecom UK were duly appointed as the Prime Contractor and selected two main suppliers to perform the technical and construction works. Detailed designs were drafted and approved in April as were JCT contracts between the end client and all subsequent parties. Syncom Telecom UK were also appointed as the Principal Contractor for Health & Safety (under applicable CDM legislation).

To effectively meet the needs of clients, the design stipulated deployment of the following new equipment:

- Raised access floor capable of handling 12kN of load.
- 1MVa Generator.
- Incoming supply capable of delivering 1MVa power.
- Automatic Mains failure Switch in basement.
- 17 Air Handling Units in the co-location room.
- 17 Condensers at roof level.
- Over 3km worth of copper pipes for the air-con systems
- 3 x 200KVa UPS systems configured in N+1.
- A fire suppression system using HFC gas.
- A VESDA system.
- CCTV and access control system (with videophone entry at reception)

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe design recommended construction of a ‘meet-me’ room where customers would make the physical connections that provided access between their co-located equipment and the outside world. The meet-me room would also contained air-conditioning, fire-suppression and UPS-backed a.c. power.

Multi-carrier fibre (BT, Level 3, Global Crossing etc) connecting to the outside world was already present in the riser. These were transferred to the client as part of their new tenancy agreement and thus new fibre was not required.

The project was successfully completed over a 5 month period with the first customer being connected prior to the completion date.

On completion, Syncom Telecom UK were also able to hand-over the following:

- A renovated open-plan office with two small private offices reserved for HR and finance.
- A new fully functional Network Operations Centre (NOC).
- A new kitchen to serve the office staff
- A newly renovated reception complete with new furniture, wall-mounted TV and access control system.

The original facility provided 3KW of power per rack and had a 400amp incomer available for customers. This was subsequently upgraded to 1MVa of incoming power available to a maximum of 140 cabinets.

Syncom Telecom UK subsequently completed construction of two further data centres for this customer.

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